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  • Is my food prepared with fresh ingredients?
    Yes all our food is made fresh with fresh Ingredients, herbs ,spices, vegetables
  • Are veggies cooked with meat products?
    Yes we use smoked Turkey products in some of our vegetables. But anything cooked with meat can be cooked without we just need to know before hand that you would like it that way on preorders.
  • Do you cater?
    Yes we do for intimate dinners for 2 as well as large gatherings up to 500 people?
  • Do you do tastings?
    Yes for a fee we can do a small tasting on some items
  • Are there any pictures of your items and serrvices on social media?
    Yes we take a lot of pictures of our actual work look up us on: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok!
  • Do you have a membership program for frequent clients?
    Yes we do, our membership program comes with all types of special perks.
  • Do you provide cooking lessons?
    Leave the nerves behind Yes we love to do digital cooking classes we go step by step and get personal.


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